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MPL-PH: Omega sweeps Cignal after long game two


by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Two games of different narratives, and Omega is the alpha over Cignal Ultra.

The Smart-backed side needed only two wins to get the win over returning Cignal Ultra in season 6 of MPL-PH.

Omega's quintet of Selena, Chou, Hilda, Yi Sun-Shin, and Khaleed matched with Cignal Ultra's Estes, Harith, Popol and Kupa, Hylos, and Thamuz for the first game.

It was the Omega show from beginning to end as Hadjizy and company limited Cignal to just five kills in less than 12 minutes of game time, and get every tower and objective in Omega's favor.

Omega did not wait for the sanctuary lord for the backup as they take Cignal one by one en route to a first game win with Hadjizy's Yi Sun-shin getting the MVP nod with seven kills and five assists.

Cignal Ultra tried to even the series as they drafted Balmond, Hilda, Alice, Ling, and Diggie to counter Omega's five of Cyclops, Harith, Chou, Thamuz, and Gatotkaca.

Although Cignal Ultra executed another Diggie murder strategy in their arsenal, Omega keeps on getting their objectives done, including handing Diggie four kills to debunk the opponent's stance

Despite having almost identical net worth, Omega has came back as they pressed the entire Cignal squad to a wipe out before ending the game on a 2-0 sweep, 46 kills to 15.

Hadjizy gets another MVP nod with Harith getting 23 kills and 14 assists with only two deaths.

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