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MPL-PH: ONIC flip tables, gets win over BSB

by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- ONIC PH came back from a game down to get the series win over a re-surging BSB 2-1 in the Season 6 of MPL-PH.

ONIC PH get a quintet of Khaleed, Balmond, Atlas, Cyclops, and Hayabusa, while BSB drafted Yi Sun-Shin, Chou, Diggie, and the debut of Lylia and Terizla.

BSB started strong as they slain Dlar's Khaleed and Jay's Atlas in the turtle lair for a 3-1 lead but ONIC go for five straight kills and another two to get another turtle in process.

It was all ONIC in kills 29-16 but with equal gold until BSB wiped out the entire ONIC squad in the bottom lane to get the first win.

Drixx got the MVP nod as his Yi-Sun Shin getting a 8/3/11 KDA.

ONIC tried to bounce back with Uranus, Hayabusam Chou, Diggie, and the debut of Cecilion, while BSB gets back the Yi Sun-shin and Terizla along with Pharsa, Natalya, and Hylos.

BSB started strong getting the upper hand in the first ten minutes but with another Diggie murder strategy on the books, ONIC hold on.

With the sanctuary lord on their side and an equal amount of gold, ONIC forced a third game despite being down 27-13, with Dlar's Uranus getting the MVP honors with 2/2/3.

BSB went to a triple mage with Esmeralda, Drixx, and Chang'e along with Thamuz and Atlas, while ONIC drfated Uranus, Chou, Pharsa, Balmond, and Kimmy.

BSB began with a strong start but ONIC kept close at 6-4, but wiht a series of skirmishes and getting more objectives, ONIC turned the tables in their favor.

With BSB's base going unprotected, ONIC patiently pushed their way into BSB's side and eventually claiming the series with OhMyV33nus getting the MVP with seven kills and nine assists.

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