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MPL-PH: ONIC PH fans Blu Fire

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Onic PH shows they can come back in style after a three-game thriller against a resurging Blu Fire in the sixth season of MPL-PH.

Blu Fire started the first game strong with four kills in the early stage added with a 3K net worth lead.

Crypzu, who utilized Hilda, led to more Blu Fire offensive surprising last season's runner up with a 9-0 startin eight minutes.

Despite Iy4knu's last-ditch efforts including a kill on Unseen's Selena but Blu Fire take the easy win as OhMyV33nus was the only one left to defend.

It was Limz's Esmeralda who take the first MVP honors with two kills and eight assists in a sub-14 minute affair.

Onic started the second game strong with a 7-2 lead targeting Crypzu's Grock but Limz who used Yu Zhong sets his allies to claim the gold lead 20K to 19K.

The two-time runners-up retaliated and counterattack a Blu Fire clash and almost extinguished the flames leaving only Crypzu and S3cret's Khalid alive.

The second game was a different narrative from game one as Blu Fire was fanned in a convincing fashion with Basic's Roger leading the pack with 12 kills and seven assists.

Onic pulled an Esmeralda and Hilda in a durable lineup with OhMyV33nus pulling a surprise Cyclops pick, while Blu Fire draws a freya for the first time this season.

Blu Fire started well for thr first four minutes with four kills before Onic takes two.

It was then ONIC who turned the tables in the mid game 11-9 and has an 8K gold lead.

Blu Fire's flames were exhausted in the bottom lane as ONIC  wiped them out at the bottom inhibitor turret and claimed their first win to a 1-1 slate with Dlar's Yu Zhong tallying a 5/0/10 KDA to lead the latter.

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