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PSC halls locked down as staff member hit by COVID-19

The PSC offices in Manila and in Pasig are closed due to disinfection proceedings.
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--The Philippine Sports Commission has to lock down its facilities here and in Pasig after one of its staff members contracted COVID-19.

Late Tuesday night, PSC chairman Butch Ramirez announced in an advisory that an employee was tested positive for the said virus as the results came out earlier in the day. The employee underwent swab testing four days prior.

Both the PSC facilities have been shut since Wednesday and will remain closed "until further notice."

The agency has since begun disinfecting both offices with Mike Asuncion of the Philippine Amateur Baseball Association and BF Merren Pharmaceuticals providing the chemicals needed to clean the areas up.

“We are thankful because they readily helped. We wanted to make sure that we do proper disinfection of the offices,” said PSC executive director Atty. Guillermo Iroy.

Also sending some help through donations of face masks, face shields, and other supplies were the Philippine Swimming Inc., Philippine Table Tennis Federation, and the Pilipinas Sepak Takraw Association Inc.

“Our NSA's have been very helpful this pandemic. We all just want to lift each other and help each other get through this pandemic,” Iroy added.

He then thanked Milo and Pocari Sweat for continuing to provide support for the national athletes, coaches, and the PSC frontliners.

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