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Aura PH sweeps, hands NXP second straight loss

 by Drew Malihan

It may be a much-anticipated match by MPL-PH fans, but Aura PH has other ideas in mind.

The two-time MPL-PH champions bounced back from their loss against Bren Esports as they sweep Nexplay Solid in the sixth season if MPL-PH.

It was a close affair for both teams in the early game with the core of X.Borg and Yi Sun-shin for NXP Solid, while Aura fieled a squad with Jaypee getting the Claude.

Aura's patience and timings proved to be fatal for NXP Solid as the former obtains more buffs and objectives while limiting the latter's kills and gold.

A sneaky play in the sanctuary lord's lair spells the doom for the newcomers as Aura turns their attention suddenly to an attacking NXP Solid in the 15th minute at the expense of Chester's Valir.

With the sanctuary lord on Aura's side, they wasted no time, pushing NXP to defend and to no avail as Aura gets the first win, 15 kills to seven.

Jaypee got the MVP nod as his high-risk Claude gets a 3/0/7 KDA, involving in every two of three Aura kills.

Nexplay looked to force a rubber match as they drafted a more crowd control-enabled squad with H2WO's Yi Sun-shin and Renejay with his signature Chou, while AUra drafted a more versatile lineup with Yu Zhong, Hilda, and Roger.

Nexplay shows aggresiveness in the early part but Aura were one step ahead, preventing H2WO to control the map.

Aura outplayed their rivals despite Renejay stepping up to H2WO's cold performance and getting several crucial points, including late kills to Greed's Kagura and Renzio's Yu Zhong.

With Jaypee and Killuash securing the sanctuary lord, it only took Aura a minute and a half to seal the sweep, 14-6.

Jaypee's Roger get the MVP nod again with his Roger registering a 4/0/8 KDA.

Aura will look to continue their momentum against Omega PH on Sunday, while NXP will try to end their losing streak also to Omega PH on September 13.

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