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Aura PH trips Cignal Ultra despite failed Diggie strat

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Aura PH overcomes a shaky Game 2 to close the series two games to one against a rather gritty Cignal Ultra squad in Day 3 of Week 6 of MPL-PH Season 6.

The two-time champions utillized a melee-oriented lineup that worked from mid- to end game as they grabbed their objectives while racking up kills.

Despite having a close kill count, Aura's gold count proved to be advantageous for the two time champs as they raked enough buffs and time to secure a 16-13 win, with Jaypee's Lancelot getting the MVP honors with a 7/3/4 KDA.

It was a different scenario for Cignal Ultra as their Angela-Ling combo with an offlane Selena proved fatal enough for Aura's hopes of a sweep despite pulling another Diggie feeding strategy.

With Diggie getting two kills in the middle of raking eight deaths, Cignal Ultra then turned their attention to the other members of Aura PH in a close match but eventually getting the upper hand in gold count.

Hadess' Ling grabbed the MVP honors with 1 15/4/13 KDA as Cignal Ultra forced a third game 46-13 in an almost 23-minute match.

However, it was Aura PH's series for the taking as they grabbed all of their heroes needed to close the series.

The two-time champs outplayed Cignal Ultra in every aspect of thre game thanks to Jaypee's Ling, Rafflesia's Khufra and Greed's Chang-e combining for 15 kills and 26 total assists.

Greed took the MVP nod in Game 3 with 4/1/10 KDA as they bagged two points for a total 18 for the season and an improved 8-1 standing for a solo first in Group A.

Cignal Ultra meanwhile slids to 4-4 with 13 points for third place in Group B.

Aura PH will try to extend their win streak against Blacklist International while Cignal Ultra will meet groupmates Omega PH both on Saturday.


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