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Blacklist claims comeback win vs. Execration

By Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist International break yet another code in a comeback fashion as they shut down Execration 2-1 in Season 6 of MPL-PH.

Coming from a game behind, Full Clip and company won the next two games eventually taking their opponents in their first of two meetups of the regular season.

Execration start and finish Game 1 in a dominant fashion, not letting Full Clip's Ling despite a balanced drafting by both teams.

Hate and company outmaneuvered Blacklist International in push and getting the objectives, letting only one kill for Full Clip to the entire duration of the match, and answerinf every attack made by Blacklist.

Execration did not wait for the sanctuary lord as they finished the game in 12 minutes, 14 kills to one, with Hate's Roger getting the MVP nod with 4/0/7 KDA.

Blacklist opted for a more durable lineup with three tanks in Baxia, Khufra, and Alice along iwth Chou and Lancelot, while Execration drafted a more attack-heavy lineup with Harith and Helcurt.

It was a different narrative as Full Clip and company as they quickly get their objectives and push lanes, answering every Execration offensive.

Despite Hate's Harith creating problems for Blacklist, crucial kills from Full Clip made things work for Blacklist International, capitalizing Execration's mistakes.

With the kill count and gold lead in their hands, Blacklist forced a third game with Full Clip getting the MVP nod with nine kills and three assists.

Execration opted to close the series with Ling, Gatotkaca, Chou, Pharsa, and Akai, while Blacklist International drafted Yu Zhong, Atlas, Cyclops, Thamuz, and Lancelot.

Blacklist locked their sights at Hate to paralyze the Execration offensive, leaving the latter to opt for other offensive options.

Full Clip came out big in the early to big game, getting six kills in 12 minutes before being shut down by Hate's Ling.

Despite Full Clip looking vulnerable late in the game, Dex Star stepped up and made crucial kills with Cyclops at his helm.

Execration eventually fell down at the hands of Blacklist, 19-4, wtih Dex Star getting the MVP honors with 7/0/10 KDA.

Blacklist will continue their winning ways in Sunday against ONIC PH, while Execration will take a week off before having a rematch with Aura PH on Sept. 19.

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