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Bren continues winning run, sweeps BSB

by Drew Malihan

Bren Esports continued their roll as Karltzy and company cushions a 2-0 sweep over a rather gritty BSB side in the seaon 6 of MPL-PH.

Despite the sweep, Bren was challenged by their rivals with a 32-minute game one outing which saw three sanctuary lords, more than 200 thousand gold between two teams, and a Bren comeback.

BSB looks strong until the late game as despite theur lead in kills, were inferior in gold difference.

As Bren grabbed the third sanctuary lord on their side, they pushed to BSB's base, eventually killing Wilson's Yu Zhong far away and Kap Wan's Khufra courtesy of Pheww's Pharsa.

With Flaptzy's Esmeralda and Pheww dealing the last two blows to Exe, they destroyed the base and getting the win, as Flaptzy registered an MVP performance of 14/3/7 KDA.

It was a slightly different narrative for the second game as BSB wanted to even the series while Bren wanted to preserve their win streak.

With several deadlocks and lead changes along the way, Bren capitalized on BSB's ana and Wilson overstaying at Bren's base, getting two kills in the process, before pushing BSB to defend a rather open mid lane.

KarlTzy secured the sanctuary lord with his Yi Sun-shin while killing Drixx's Ling in the process, pushing BSB to defend without their core.

From there it was all Bren as the remaining BSB squad members fall one by one, with KarlTzy getting the MVP nod wioth 14/4/10 KDA.

BSB will look to bounce back against Haze and Omega PH on September 12 while Bren will try to extend their streak against a streaking Execration on Sunday.

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