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Bren extends streak, sweeps Cignal Ultra

By Drew Malihan

MANILA - Another match, another sweep for Bren Esports as they extended their unbeaten streak to six by a 2-0 win over rivals Cignal Ultra.

It only took less than 30 minutes combined for the inaugural MPL-PH champions to take their fifth sweep of the season against the Season 2 champs.

Bren started strong early with Lunox and Yi Sun-shin but Cignal Ultra get their game going, eventually leading up to the mid-game with Hadess on the Lancelot and ImbaDeejay on Chang'e.

FlapTzy however slain Chang'e and Bensanity's Khufra to turn things around to a troubled Bren Esports side.

With Bren claiming two sanctuary lords, it was their game for the taking as Cignal Ultra's hopes for a first win was disconnected for a 23-20 Bren win.

KarlTzy's Yi Sun-shin claimed MVP honors with 5 kills and 10 assists in his tally.

Cignal Ultra grabbed a more melee-heavy five for the second game with Baxia, Selena, Khufra, Hayabusa, and jawhead, while Bren opted to range with Thamuz, Pharsa, Yi Sun-shin, Alice, and Popol and Kupa.

Cignal retold the same narrative in the early game with a strong strat, matching every attack that Bren unleashes.

It was all level until crucial kills in the ninth minute prompted Cignal to defend instead of advancing, as Bren cralws back and take a 5,000-gold lead.

From there, Bren Esports outplayed their opponents with three clashes in their favor, eventually getting the sanctuary lord, and avoiding a ImbaDeejay Selena's takeover by sacrifing Kupa in the process.

It only took Bren 13 minutes to complete the sweep, 17 kills to 12, with KarlTzy grabbed another MVP nod as his Yi Sun-shin tallied a 7/2/7 KDA.

Bren Esports will try to extend their streak to 7-0 against ONIC PH in a rematch next Friday., while Cignal will look for answers against the same opponent on Saturday.

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