Execration pauses NXP Solid in comeback win

by Drew Malihan

With the series tied, and despite an inferior kill count and gold in their hands, Execration pulled a massive comeback to topple Nexplay Solid in a heated match at the third week of MPL-PH Season 6.

NXP led by as much as ten kills in the third game thanks to H2WO's Ling doing much of the damage to Execration's entire lineup, as Hate and co find themselves in the wrong end of the battle.

H2WO and company looked to pressure Execration at the base in the 13th minute but with H2WO going a bit deep, Ch4knu's Atlas trapped him with a set prompting Z4pnu to shut him down.

With their core gone, Renejay's Gatotkaca tried to salvage the series for their team but a series of kills wiped out the entire NXP Solid squad, leaving Bennyqt to lead the comeback in just 30 seconds.

Earlier, NXP got the first win of a best-of-three series in just 12 minutes as H2WO's Harith led them in charge with seven kills and 11 assists for a 19-9 victory.

Execration needed more than half an hour to even the series with a 33-23 grueling win, as Bennyqt's Alice led them with eight kills and 16 assists.

NXP will look to bounce back against defending champions Aura PH on Saturday, while Execration try to keep their streak going against an undefeated Bren Esports on Sunday.

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