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MPL-PH: Blacklist Int'l put out Blu Fire

by Drew Malihan

After two consecutive losses, Blacklist is again in the area.

Full Clip and the rest of the squad are back to winning ways as they sweep a still-winless BNK Blu Fire on Week 3 of MPL-PH Season 6.

B.I. started the game in a dominant fashion from start to finish, wtih Full Clip and company not letting Blu Fire get their objectives.

It was all wrapped up for Blu Fire in the first game as four of them fell down in the turtle lair with Full Clip's Lancelot getting the turtle.

With Full Clip getting the sanctuary lord and the rest of the squad keeping Blu Fire from leaving the base, Blacklist International took the first game with a dominant 14-2 outing.

Blu Fire drafted a more one-by-one lineup, they tried to counter a team-oriented quintet set by Blacklist in Game 2.

In a game marred by several pauses, Blacklist continued to outplay Blu Fire despite Chuuu's Ling making several solo pushes to topple Blacklist turrets.

With Full Clip securing the sanctuary lord, Blacklist timed their final push against Blu Fire, with Chuuu's Ling ultimate went naught as they finally destroyed Blu Fire's base, 17-4.

Full Clip, who registered a 6/1/7 KDA grabbed the MVP nod for Blacklist, who will try to extend their winning run against Execration on September 11.

Blu Fire, falling to four straight loss, will try to get their first tournament win against Cignal Ultra on Sunday.

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