MPL-PH: Execration trounces Blu Fire to open Week 6

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Execration bags their fourth win in the MPL-PH Season 6 as they make quick work on Blu Fire to open their Week 6 campaign.

Hate and the boys wasted no time to show their strength as they claimed their third sweep of the season and a clean season sweep of Blu Fire in two dominant games.

Execration dominated the lanes in their first game, losing only a tower to Blu Fire while toppling nine in eleven minutes of game time, while getting the most in objectives and not letting Blu Fire a chance.

Hate took the MVP honors with his Gusion's 8/0/4 KDA as they dealt Blu Fire their worst defeat of MPL-PH season 6, 17-0.

Blu Fire started the second game with a first blood but Execration picked up the slack and started to take their opponents' turrets one after another while not letting Blu Fire to even go for an offensive.

It was all Execration throughout the game with Hate's Yi Sun-shin leading the charge and Ch4knu's Jawhead taking most of the damage given.

Blu Fire switched to defense but to no avail as Execration ended their meet within 14 minutes to secure a dominant 18-8 win and another sweep.

Execration (4-4) will seek for their fifth win as they go against a formidable ONIC PH side on Sunday, while Blu Fire (0-10) will take Blacklist International on October 3.

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