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Nexplay Solid ends skid with win over Blu Fire

by Drew Malihan

Nexplay solid begin their three-part Week 5 run on a high note as they took down a yet-to-win Blu Fire side, 2-1 in the sixth season of MPL-PH.

H2WO and company snapped their three-game losing skid despite Blu Fure giving them the scare in the first two games.

Both Blu Fire and NXP Solid engaged in trades of kill, with Blu Fire eventually getting the lead in the early game, until H2Wo's Hayabusa start to rack up kills in the seventh minute.

From there, it was Nexplay Solid's game for the taking as they took down each Blu Fire member and turret after another, finishing the first game 24-11 for NXP in 13 minutes, with H2WO getting the MVP with a 10/2/10 KDA.

Blu Fire however came back strong with some of their comfort picks to counter NXP's crowd-control heavy lineup.

Fuzaken and company dominated NXP all throughout the game with their rotations and preventing H2WO to claim any kill or assist.

Chuuu's Lancelot claimed the MVP honors with 7/0/4 KDA as Blu Fire forced a third game with a 14-0 trouncing.

Nexplay Solid bounced back in the third game, adjusting their draft picks, solid side lanes with Renejay and Mb, and H2WO regaining his dominance as carry in a dominant fashion.

H2WO's Ling grabbed the MVP nod with a 6/0/2 KDA as NXP returned the favor with a 13-0 drubbing of Blu Fire in the third game.

NXP improved their record to three games and four losses, and look forward to even their standing against Blacklist International on Saturday, whule Blu Fire will look for answers against Omega PH on Sunday.

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