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Omega dominates, handed NXP's third season sweep loss

by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Nexplay Solid will be back on the drawing board again with their third 0-2 loss as they fall victims at the hands of Omega PH in Week 4 of MPL-PH Season 6 on Sunday.

It took less than 30 minutes combined for Omega to topple their rivals and improved their season standings to four wins and three losses.

Omega started strong from the get go, scoring kills and getting more offensives with the core  of Hadjizy's Hayabusa and Haze's Selena.

With no one of the five-men Omega squad letting H2WO get his needed buffs, it became a one-sided affair as they claimed every turtle and sanctuary lord.

Capitalizing on Mb's shortcomings with his Khaleed, Omega wasted no time as  they ended the first game 17-1 under 12 minutes with only Toshi's Pharsa falling at the hands of Renejay's Alice in the mid-game.

Haze claimed the MVP honors for Omega as his Selena registered two kills and ten assists, which proved to be crucial for their first game success.

With Pharsa and Selena banned by NXP, Omega drafted Thamuz and Chou once more but with Ruby, Valir, and a Yi Sun-shin carry, while Nexplay Solid claimed Khaleed again with Hilda, Roger, Kagura, and Helcurt.

NXP started strong in the early game, leveling themselves with Omega with a great start, but it was short-lived as the latter stepped up in the mid-game.

As Heath's Chou and Haze's Ruby setting up kills for the rest of their teammates, Omega pushed and claim crucial kills over H2WO and Mb.

Nexplay didn't see a comeback as Omega continued their press to the base and eventually falling to yet another sweep, 12-5, in favor of Omega, with Hadjizy's Yi Sun-shin getting the MVP honors with a 5/1/6 KDA.

Omega PH will look to continue their winning from on September 20 against Blu Fire, while NXP will meet the same squad on Friday on their first game of a back-to-back with hopes of ending their losing skid.

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