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Omega takes W over luckless Blu Fire

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega PH bags all three points in the bag as they take another sweep against a hapless Blu Fire squad in Day 3 of fifth week of MPL-PH Season 6.

Despite having the Selena let go to Blu fire, Omega PH has established an early dominance in the series, ending the game in under ten minutes.

With all clashes going to Omega's side, they wasted no time in getting all lanes pushed and eventually ending the first game with a final team fight.

Hadjizy's Roger grabbed MVP honors with 8/0/3 KDA as Omega PH drubbed Blu Fire, 14 kills to just three.

With the second game going twice as long, Omega and Blu Fire engaged themselves in a slow yet steady fight, with the boys in green getting the upper hand from the get go.

Omega's transition in the side lanes and getting enough objectives proved enough for them to get a 11-4 win to close the series 2-0, with Hadjizy's Ling getting the MVP nod with seven kills and two assists.

Haze and the rest of Omega PH improved to a 4-3 win-loss record with 13 points, while Blu Fire are still in hunt for a win with 0-9 and just two points overall.

Blu Fire, with their backs on the wall, looks to salvage their season against Execration while Omega will go toe-to-toe with Bren Esports both on Friday.

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