ONIC extends streak to 3, gets W over Omega

 by Drew Malihan

ONIC PH continue their winning ways for the third time in a row as they stop Omega PH in three games, 2-1, in Week 3 of MPL-PH Season 6 on Saturday. 

Omega pressured ONIC PH from the early game on as they claimed their objectives faster and scoring more kills in the first eight minutes, five kills to one.

ONIC scored three straight kills as OhMyV33nus and company cornered KurtTzy and Hadjizy en route to two toppled top turrets.

Omega scored a crucial kill as Haze's Pharsa slain Jay's Chou prompting Onic to back out and defend, but with the sanctuary lord on Aura, Wise and the rest of Onic fell down 13-4.

Toshi gets the MVP nod as his Uranus scored four kills and seven assists.

ONIC PH proved their elite status as they came back to force a third game in a rather low scoring game, 12 kills to just Omega's four.

With all the gold and experience on ONIC's side, they patiently waited for the timing, eventually killing Toshi, Haze, and Hadjizy in five seconds before wiping the rest of Omega in the tenth minute.

Wise's Yi Sun-shin claimed the MVP honors with a 3/0/8 KDA as his team did not lose any single turret in the process.

It was the ONIC PH show as they dominated the third game in a rather quick fashion, 17 kills to just Omega's six.

With a more team fight-oriented lineup and zoning strategies, Onic got more kills and objectives while limiting Hadjizy's capabilities to take over the map.

With the sanctuary lord secured, ONIC PH wrapped tha game despite Omega PH's efforts to slow down the two-time runners-up.

Wise got the MVP nod again with his Yi Sun-shin getting seven kills and five assists, avoiding a single death.

Omega will try to regroup themsevles against defnding champions Aura on Sunday, while ONIC PH will try to make it for in a row as they will face Cignal Ultra on September 12.

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