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ONIC PH gets W after hard-fought Game 3 vs. Cignal Ultra

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC PH tallied another 2-1 series win in MPL-PH Season 6 after eking out against a gritty Cignal Ultra side on Saturday.

ONIC and Cignal Ultra were dead even from the early to mid game, trading kills and objectives to one another up to the tenth minute when ONIC PH started to pull off.

Cignal Ultra however capitalized on a grave mistake when ONIC's Jay, who has the Hilda, run too deep around the lord's lair and eventually getting slain before every other ONIC PH member falling down.

The former champions took only 45 seconds to clear the mid lane and take Game 1 despite Iy4knu's Balmond defending the mid-lane inhibitor turre against quicker heroes Wanwan and Harith.

Hadess' Harith grabbed the MVP nod with 6/1/7 KDA as Cignal Ultra steals Game 1 against ONIC, 15-11.

ONIC PH told a different narrative for Game 2 despite a great performace by Hadess' Claude that scare the teo-time runners-up.

Despite down by more ten kills, Cignal secured crucial kills and eventually getting the charging lord to their side, prompting Jay's Chou to recall and defend their base.

With only ImbaDeejay and tsujin defending, ONIC PH banked off their sheer will and forced a rubber match, 25-8, with Wise getting the MVP nod with his Roger registering a 10/1/7 KDA.

Cignal opted out for Yu Zhong, Balmong, Roger, Cecilion, and Chou, while ONIC PH drafted Ling, Thamuz, Baxia, Pharsa, and Diggie.

ONIC found a hard time executing the Diggie feeding strategy by Jay as Cignal Ultra is scoring kills to other ONIC members before slaying Jay.

Tsujin's Balmond made the tide turn in Cignal Ultra's favor as he stole two sanctuary lords with his ultimate.

However, with Balmond's damage going less fatal, ONIC survived with Wise's Ling scoring the kill to Tsujin and securing the third lord.

It was then ONIC PH who pressured Cignal Ultra to defend with all their turrets down, with Iyaknu's Baxia sneaking behind the base in the final clash to seal the deal for ONIC PH, 38-24, with Wise getting the MVP nod with 13/2/6 KDA.

Jay meanwhile registered the most deaths in MPL-PH season 6 with a 0/23/14 KDA, eclipsing Rafflesia's 0/21/14 record against Execration last August 22.

ONIC will next battle Full Clip and the rest of Blacklist International on Sunday while Cignal Ultra looks for answers on Saturday against BSB.

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