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ONIC snaps losing skid, sweeps NXP Solid

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC PH arrest their two-game losing streak as they bring the brooms against Nexplay Solid in the final series of Week 5 of MPL-PH Season 6.

The two-time finalists grabbed their first sweep win in the season in style as they came back from a losing form in mid-game of Game 2.

ONIC dominated the first game with a attack-heavy duo of Chang'e and Yi Sun-shin buffered by Chou, Ruby, and Alice to answer Yu Zhong and Khalid picks of NXP.

NXP failed to outplay ONIC PH most of the time, with H2WO's Ling being limited to getting buffs but cannot dominate the map.

It was Wise's Yi Sun-shin and OhMyV33nus' Chang'e that brought the win, combining for 11 of 17 total ONIC kills and 20 assists, compared to eight kills only by the entire NXP quintet.

Dogie's men however refused to back down and dominated the early to mid game, even getting almost all the turtles and the first sanctuary lord in the 12th minute, but ONIC pushed NXP back from their bases.

However, NXP over-commited themselves in another attempt to attack ONIC's base, resulting to three crucial kills against Yawi, Chester, and H2WO.

With the charging lord in ONIC's side, they only needed less than a minute to expose NXP's base and eventually turned the tables for a 15-14 win, with Iy4knu's Alice getting the MVP nod with 6/1/8 KDA.

ONIC still remains in fourth place in Group B but now with a 5-3 slate and a comfortable six-point lead ahead of BSB, while NXP remained to fourth in Group A with a 4-5 standing and 11 total points.

Nexplay Solid will try to find answers against a still undefeated Bren Esports on September 27, while ONIC PH will try to improve their standings against BSB on September 26.

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