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Aura PH sweeps Blu Fire, takes temporary top one spot

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Aura PH bags all three points needed to force a three-way battle to the top as they sweep a hapless Blu Fire 2-0 in the last week of MPL-PH Season 6 regular season.

Blu Fire started strong in the first two minutes of the first game, but Aura responded with a series of kills while getting most of the objectives.

With Yi Sun-shin and Rafflesia combining for 12 of 17 Aura kills, the two-time champions prevented Blu Fire to get a single turret, turtle, or lord, while limiting Blu Fire to just five kills.

Jaypee's Yi Sun-shin led Aura with a 7/1/7 KDA to put his team 1-0.

It was the same narrative for both teams in the second game, with Aura going for an all-out attack quintet while Blu Fire switch to defenses.

Blu Fire's defense, however, was exposed as Aura prevented Chuuu to get a single kill while Limz and Fuzaken were punished for a combined 11 times.

Jaypee again led Aura's side as they continued to extinguish Blu Fire's last hopes of getting a point, with Rafflesia tanking most of the damage.

Aura PH secured the win in under 14 minutes as they outplayed and eventually wiped out the entire Blu Fire squad in a matter of seconds in the top lane, 22-8.

Blu Fire bowed out of the tournament with all 13 matches ending up in losses while only getting two points from two games they won against ONIC in Week 1 and NXP Solid in Week 5.

Aura PH now sits in probationary first place with 24 points and a 10-2 slate, ahead of Execration by head-to-head results.

The defending champions has still one game left against rivals ONIC PH on Sunday to cap off the entire regular season.

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