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Blacklist Int'l prevails over gritty Cignal Ultra, grabs Group A lead

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist in your area!

Blacklist International solidifies their top seed status as they take the win over a resilient Cignal Ultra side 2-1 in Week 7 of MPL-PH Season 6 on Sunday.

Cignal Ultra were lagging behind in the first game, allowing nine turrets and 14 kills to Blacklist as Bensanity's Khaleed received most of the damage both mainly from Edward's Chang'e and Fullclip's Roger.

Fullclip took the MVP honors with 5/1/6 KDA while Edward took a 5/0/4 KDA as Cignal Ultra allowed just three Cignal Ultra kills.

Cignal Ultra came back stronger in the second game with a more attacking lineup of Claude, Selena, and a surprise Saber pick by Hadess.

Fullclip delivered five kills for Blacklist but with the lack of buffs, they fell down as Dex Star and Eson were responsible for seven of 13 deaths.

Hadess' Saber came out on top with a 4/1/8 KDA as Cignal forced a third game 13-8.

Both teams engaged in a hard-fought battle in the rubber match, which lasted for more than half an hour and seen three turtles and three lords in the process.

Cignal Ultra even got the upper hand in the mid game as they have Blacklist's top lane exposed by the charging lord allowing siege minions to penetrate and deal half the damage to Blacklist's base.

Aqua's Yu Zhong however proved to be the game changer as he provided crucial kills in the late game along with Full Clip.

Blacklist took the victory after destroying the base in the 31st minute with Aqua's 7/0/4 KDA leading the charge.

The Dex Star-led team take Group A's driver seat with a 7-4 record and 22 points, one point ahead of former leaders Aura PH, while Cignal finished the week with a 3-7 slate and 11 points at fourth place in Group B.

Both teams will face formidable opposition on October 9 as Blacklist International will try to stop Execration, while Cignal will meet league-leading Bren Esports.

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