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Blacklist settles for 3rd after 0-2 beating by Bren

By Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist International's firepower was not enough as Bren Esports dominated them in straight sets, 2-0, in Week 8 of MPL-PH S6 Regular Season.

Blacklist started strong in the first game which saw a slow-paced gameplay for both sides taking a 7-3 lead to the mid game.

However, with Blacklist committing a bit deep in the enemy base, Bren staged a comeback, breaking the former's momentum and picking crucial kills in the late game.

Despite Full Clip's total game leading the Blacklist charge, it was not enough as KarlTzy's Ling and the rest of Bren Esports completed the turnaround, 13-12.

It was a different narrative in the second game as Bren opted for more team plays while Blacklist switched roles, with Full Clip playing support and Edward as the carry with a surprise Miya pick.

Bren realized Miya's late-game capacity and quickly eliminates all Blacklist outfield turrets before the seventh minute to force the latter to play defense while getting most of the kills.

From there, it was all Bren Esports as they secured the enemy base within nine minutes with only Aqua left to defend.

Bren finished the group stage with 34 points and a 12-1 slate, 10 wins coming from sweeps, while Blacklist slips to 7-6 and 22 points, good for third place.

Bren as the top seed will lock horns with Nexplay Solid in the playoffs while the third seed Blacklist International will square off against Group B runners-up Omega PH.

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