Blackwater player tests negative in RT-PCR anew

The Elite do not need to worry now. PBA Images (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Blackwater formally gets a sigh of relief.

The player from the said team who was initially tested positive for COVID-19 after he took a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction test on Thursday yielded a negative result at the release of the outcome of his latest RT-PCR test that he took on Sunday.

Early Monday, the PBA brought the good news in a statement.

"We would like to report that the RT-PCR test taken by the Blackwater player Sunday yielded a negative result," the league simply said.

The newest RT-PCR result affirmed the negative result the Elite got in an immediate antigen test at the release of the initial positive result.

This implied that the player actually got a "false positive" like the referee who had a similar case last week.

The said referee officiated the Blackwater-Alaska game on Tuesday night, prompting both teams to ask for a new RT-PCR test when the official was initially announced on Wednesday night to have gotten a positive result.

The Aces, as announced on Sunday, were all tested negative of COVID-19.

However, the PBA added, "As with the referee who has also tested negative both on RT-PCR and antigen, the player will have to remain in quarantine as a precautionary measure."

The league then reiterated, "The PBA bubble remains intact, and has not been breached."

The PBA, in conclusion, reminded everyone in the Angeles bubble "to be extra cautious and strictly follow the protocols set for them inside the bubble."

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