Bren buffs top seed status, drubs Cignal with Eudora pick

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Pheww's last minute moments give Bren Esports a 2-1 victory over Cignal Ultra to start the final week of MPL-PH Season 6 regular season.

Bren Esports, eho had already secured a sure top one finish, dealt Cignal Ultra a 24-14 beating, thanks to plays from Pheww's Selena  and Lusty's Natalia.

With the top team switching roles and engaging in more team fights, Ribo played carry as his Karrie scored a 8/2/8 KDA, dealing most damages in turrets and enemy heroes.

Cignal quickly adjusted in their draft, not letting Lusty get his comfort picks while picking a double-core lineup of Harith and Wanwan, forcing Bren Esports to take three assassins.

Hadess' Harith proved to be a thorn for Bren's side, negating the latter's cores and dealing most of the damage to all Bren Esports players.

Cignal Ultra took the second game and a sure point, 13-4, with Hadess' 7/0/3 KDA leading the charge.

Bren went to savage mode as they finished the rubber match in less than 12 minutes with a double-tank lineup of Khufra and Uranus while pulling off a surprise Eudora pick, as Cignal opting to an all-out attack lineup with Claude, Khaleed, and Esmeralda.

Bren negates the possible Diggie murder strategy as they pull kills to Diggie and Angela before dealing with the other three.

It was however Pheww who pulled the surprise as his Eudora took over the game and dealt the most damage for Bren, including a savage which wiped out the entire Cignal Ultra side in the last minute.

Bren Esports will try to end their regular season on a high note as they will take Blacklist International on Sunday.

Cignal Ultra meanwhile will try to avoid a possible fourth seed scenario as they will take on Onic PH.

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