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Bren enters MPL-PH semis with sweep over NXP Solid

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Bren lived up to their mantra once again as they show their might with a 3-0 sweep against Nexplay Solid to open up their MPL-PH Season 6 playoff campaign.

The Season 1 champions opened up their trophy hunt strong from the get go, getting most of the objectives, which saw them 16 buffs on their side compared to NXP's six.

KarlTzy closed the show with a savage call as he eliminated all five NXP members in the closing seconds of the game to give Bren the first win.

Bren takes the second game as well as they dominated their opponents, 18 kills to just six, with most of the objectives on their side and not letting a single turret down.

Despite losing his Lancelot to NXP, KarlTzy was named the MVP once more as he tallied a 3/0/9 KDA with his Ling, while H2WO was limited to just one kill and three assists while falling five times.

It was a much closer affair in the third, as Nexplay stepped up their next plays, even leading through the mid-game 10-8 while taking down three outer Bren turrets in the process.

Bren responded in the late game, taking turret after inhibitor turret to allow their siege minions to infiltrate NXP's base, thus pressuring the latter to play defense.

However, despite Pheww's Selena's death and NXP outnumbering Bren, the former won't be able to capitalize as the latter responded by breaking the bottom turret and buying some time for Pheww to come back before launching an all-out team fight that saw NPX members falling one by one.

With the game closed out before 18 minutes, it was Ribo who was named the game MVP with his X.Borg contributing to 14 of 20 Bren kills.

Bren will set their sights on their clash against ONIC PH in the semifinals on Saturday.

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