Cignal Ultra enters playoffs with win over NXP Solid

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Cignal Ultra ended their regular season campaign on a high note as they took down fellow fourth seed Nexplay Solid to start the last day of MPL-PH Season 6 regular season.

Both teams engaged in a close team fight in under 17 minutes until NXP get the upper hand in the late game as they wiped out the entire Cignal Ultra squad in the 14th minute.

With the first game in NXP's favor, Tsujin executed a well-timed Last Insanity to all NXP members, while Rhea's Raging Sandstorm shuts down Chester and H2WO in the process, turning the tables for Cignal Ultra.

With just Yawi and Mb left to defend, Cignal Ultra went all in for the NXP base to end the game 13-13, with Tsujin's 4/2/7 game leading them.

Cignal Ultra took the driver's seat in the second game, outplaying and outmaneuvering Nexplay Solid's early game lineup with their crowd control-heavy quintet.

With the entire Cignal side limiting Mb and Renejay's influence in the playthroughs, it was all Cignal Ultra in 15 minutes, closing their series 2-0 with a 22-7 domination.

Hadess' 13/0/6 performance carried Cignal Ultra's last series before the playoffs as they entered with a 4-9 slate and 15 points in hand.

With Cignal's opponents yet to be known, Nexplay will take league-leading Bren Esports in Round 1 of the playoffs.

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