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Execration claims 3rd place, comes back from 0-2 deficit

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Execration are the MPL-PH kings of the comeback, and they proved it why when their backs are on the wall.

E2MAX and the rest of his team race a 0-2 deficit from ONIC PH before staging a dominant Game 5 performance to finish their MPL-PH Season 6 campaign in third place on Sunday.

Despite Execration drafting a well-rounded team backed by Ch4knu's comfort hero Atlas, ONIC took the first game after getting most of the orange buffs and two of three turtles in less than 13 minutes.

Wise's Yi Sun-Shin did most of the damage for the men in yellow, dealing 73 thousand hero damage for a total of six kills and 11 assists while also toppling most of the turrets.

ONIC took 17 minutes to take a 2-0 lead and getting most of the objectives, despite Execration taking all three turtles in the first 13 minutes.

Iy4knu's Wanwan dealt both more than 50 thousand hero and turret damage, with nine kills and eight assists in his helm while falling only two times.

From there, Execration amped their two-carry, two-tank setup in Game 3, drafting Baxia and Uranus along with Claude and Ling with Chang'e as support.

The system worked, as Execration grabbed most of their objectives while toppling all ONIC turrets within 16 minutes to take Game 3, with Hate's Ling and Bennyqt's Claude combining for 11 kills and nine assists.

ONIC responded by drafting a more squishy lineup with OhMyV33nus getting a Chang'e as he lose his comfort pick Pharsa in the ban, while drafing a core of Yi Sun-shin and Natalya as Execration grabbed Roger backed by a durable Barats pick.

S4gitnu's gamble on the Barats work wonders for Execration, while negating all possible damage from ONIC who only took five kills, none of them from Wise.

It only took Execration 12 minutes to close the clincher game 20-12 as they preferred a three-tank setup of Uranus, Akai, and Hilda, while drafting Harith who took ten kills and five assists against ONIC.

Wise's Ling led ONIC to the clincher with three kills and six assists but wasn't enough as they failed to topple a single Execration turret.

ONIC settled for fourth after two consecutibe seasons as second placers.

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