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Execration eliminates BSB, secures top-three finish in regular season

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Execration assures themselves of at least a top three finish in Group A as they sweep BSB to close Week 7 of MPL-PH Season 6 on Sunday.

It was a long Game 1 for both sides as they engaged in a close fight, as BSB keeping their feet on par in gold despite having inferior kills to Execration.

Despite team plays working well for BSB, Bennyqt has completed his needed items and buffed his Chou to  turn the tables for Execration, scoring crucial kills for his team.

Bennyqt's 7/2/9 KDA led all ten players in the MVP run as Execration took Game 1 29-16, as well as booting BSB out of playoff contention.

Execration made quicker work of an already-eliminated BSB in Game 2 as Hate, Ch4knu, and E2Max teamed up for dealing Execration a huge lead in the early game.

With Hate and S4gitnu continuing the momentum, Execration needed only eight turrets down as they grabbed most of the objectives and eventually ending BSB's hopes 24-6.

S4gitnu's Yu Zhong was named Game 2's MVP with four kills and five assists in his name as Execration take all three points for a total of 21 and improving their record to 6-5.

With the results, Hate and company stayed in third place despite having equal points with Aura PH due to inferior head-to-head results, Cignal Ultra's playoff spot was confirmed, and a first-round playoff face-off of Nexplay Solid and league leaders Bren Esports was confirmed.

Execration will try to break the tie in their favor on Friday as they will face Execration, while BSB will try to end their MPL-PH run won a high note as they will face Omega Ph on Saturday.

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