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Execration overtakes Blacklist to take Group A lead

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Execration advances to probationary pole position in Group A as they sweep Blacklist International to close Day 1 of Week 8 of MPL-PH Season 6.

Blacklist International has all the things going on them from the get-go, pushing turrets and getting all the turtles and sanctuary lords.

Edward's Chang'e and Aqua's Yu Zhong are doing wonders for Blacklist with combined nine kills and eight assists in their name.

However, Execration unleashed a late game comeback from the 18th minute as Edward failed to slay Bennyqt and forced Blacklist to back-out, only for the former to rally in the mid-lane and push hard.

Full Clip secured the third lord but Execration replied by slaying all but Eson in the mid-lane before eventually ending the first game 14-13.

Execration however changed the narrative of the second game as they finished the game in 13 minutes.

Ch4knu and the rest of the boys went toe to toe with Blacklist's attacks with their own, eventually targeting Dex Star and Full Clip.

Blacklist attempted to came back in the 12th minute but with damage sustained, Execration countered and slaying three Blacklist members before forcing Aqua and Full Clip to defend and eventually get slain.

S4gitnu's Esmeralda led Execration to a 2-0 sweep as he registered a 5/2/7 KDA.

Execration now took solo lead with 24 points with a 7-5 record while Blacklist dropped to second with 7-5 and 22 points.

Both teams will face formidable opponents on Sunday as Blacklist will take Bren Esports, while Execration will square off against Omega.

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