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James De Los Santos takes 2 more golds

Based on his projections, James De Los Santos may have just clinched the world number one spot.
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Filipino karateka James De Los Santos zeroed in on the world number one spot in the online kata category after taking two more golds this past weekend.

De Los Santos ruled the E-Karate Games and the Euro Grand Prix, which put him in a good position to overtake Portugal's Eduardo Garcia at the top spot in the world rankings.

De Los Santos defeated Murillo Alves of Brazil, 24.3-23.3, in the lone showdown in the Shotokan e-Kata Division of the E-Karate Games.

De Los Santos then beat Silvio Cerone-Biagoni, 24.6-24.3, in the Euro Grand Prix.

In the Euro Grand Prix, De Los Santos first beat Kevin Petry of Luxembourg in the quarterfinals before edging Domont Moreno of Switzerland in the semifinals.

De Los Santos has already amassed 8,110 points prior to his recent wins.

In a quick chat with Dugout Philippines last week, De Los Santos said that the Euro Grand Prix would suffice in overtaking Garcia at number one.

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