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NXP Solid takes down Execration for 5th MPL-PH win

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Nexplay Solid avenge their Week 3 loss to Execration as they establish a 2-1 payback in Week 7 of MPL-PH Season on Friday.

NXP started the three-game series on a high note as they trounced their rivals in the first game, thanks to Renejay and H2WO's stellar performance.

Nexplay Solid established themselves from the get-go, picking kill after kill as they go in pairs against Execration, preventing them to claim objectives.

Renejay's Thamuz however became the man of the match as he recorded a 6/0/5 KDA to aid NXP to a one-game lead, 22-7.

Execration did not back down and took Nexplay to a much closer second game but in a different tone.

It was actually NXP who started strong, getting the first five kills of the second game before Execration established a series of gameplays to turn the tables.

S4gitnu's 5/1/7 performance with the Yu Zhong was enough for an MVP nod as Execration even the series with a 18-10 Game 2.

H2Wo and company made significant adjustments with a three-tank combination of Hilda, Alice, and Akai to get a more durable squad against Execration's combo of Selena, Ling, and Wanwan.

NXP engaged in more team fights, taking note of Execration's lack of AoE suns while taking down turrets one-by-one.

Execration has glimpses of a comeback thanks to Bennyqt but NXP made sure that there are no deja vu incoming to their side.

H2WO's Roger grabbed the MVP nod with eight kills and eight assists as NXP take the series with a 20-8 Game 3.

Nexplay Solid improved their standings to 5-6 with 13 points, while Execration settled at probationary second with 18 points and a 5-5 slate.

NXP's next assignment will be against Group A leaders Aura PH on Saturday, while Execration will take on BSB on a cross-group matchup on Sunday.

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