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Omega clips Execration, books Finals ticket in four games

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega PH enters their first MPL-PH finals appearance in franchise history as they deal a 3-1 beating of Execration in the first game of the Season 6 semifinals on Saturday.

The Smart-backed side needed only four games unlike their last match against Blacklist International, finishing all but one game before hitting the fabled 18-minute mark.

Omega started strong in the first game with a dominant showing as they pushed deeper despite having an almost identical number of buffs, without losing a single turret to Execration.

Hate and Bennyqt's influence were negated, registering no kills and five deaths combined, while Toshi, Hadjizy and Game 1 MVP Haze registering a 4/0/7 KDA each.

Omega still out-farmed Execration in the second game, but with Hate's Roger getting his items, the bounced back in just 12 minutes and take a game back.

Hate registered six kills and six assists to the 16-11 Execration showing, while Ch4knu grabbed a 2/5/9 KDA while tanking most of the damage with his Hylos.

Omega retaliated in the third game with Hadjizy's Ling and Toshi's Chang'e doing most of the enemy and turret damage, while negating E2MAX's Pharsa who only registered a 0/4/3 KDA.

With the game slower, almost reaching the 18 minute mark, Omega brought Bennyqt, Ch4knu, and E2MAX down despote losing the sanctuary lord to Execration, eventually pushing Hate and S4gitnu to defense mode and eventually falling down as well.

It was a longer fourth game for both teams, with Omega opting for more range with Selena, Yi Sun-shin, and Pharsa, while Execration chose a melee setup with Helcurt, Roger, and Hilda, fielding not a single mage.

Execration took the early game, picking early minute kills to a rather thinner Omega heroes, but the latter built their damage capacity in the mid to late game to negate the durability of the Exe quintet.

It was range who prevailed over melee with the Heath Jawhead pseudo-tank setup making wonders for Omega, making crucial ejections against Hate while negating Khaleed's influence on the field.

Omega will enter their first MPL-PH finals with sights in the winner between ONIC PH and Bren Esports, while Execration will try to claim the third place honors in a best-of-five affair on Sunday before the grand finals.

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