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Omega secured second seed, beats BSB 2-0

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega locks themselves in the second seed of Group B as they get all three points in a 2-0 sweep against BSB in the final week of MPL-PH Season 6 regular season.

Hadjizy's Roger proved to be an unstoppable force against BSB on both games, getting 32 kills and seven assists combined without even getting slayed.

Omega had early jitters in their first game, but quickly resolved as their trio of Roger, Ruby, and Freya quickly farmed their way and bluffed any BSB offensives.

Even without their starter KurtTzy, Omega breezed the first game, finishing it under 13 minutes, 27-8.

The Smart Communications-backed side continued their onslaught in the second game with a surprise Eudora pick, while BSB went for more durability with Hilda, Chou, and Jawhead.

BSB, however, did not stood a chance against Omega's firepower as they only managed to get eight kills, none of them against Omega's core of X.Borg and Roger.

With the game only lasting 13 and a half minutes, Omega secured their top two position in Group B with a 28-8 victory, led by a 19/0/3 Hadjizy performance.

BSB bowed out of the tournament and was relegated to the open qualifiers with a 1-12 record and only five points in their hand.

Omega, who had a 8-4 slate and 25 points in their name, still has one more game against Execration on Sunday.

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