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Omega secures SF berth, nips Blacklist in five-game thriller

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Omega PH enters the MPL-PH Season 6 Semifinals after dealing a five-game close series against a resilient Blacklist International side on Thursday.

Both teams engaged in a technical match in the first game, which shows the fewest kills combined in the season with eight, five for Blacklist and three for Omega.

However, it was Blacklist who prevailed as they demolished all ten Omega turrets without losing one of their own, while getting all the turtles and the lord in 16 minutes, led by Full Clip's immaculate 4/0/0 KDA.

Omega fought back in Game 2, not letting Blacklist have another technical game as they tied the series, 13-5, lasting only 12 minutes and losing only a turret compared to Blacklist's nine.

Hadjizy led the Smart-backed side with a clean 4/0/5 record, with his Ling getting most of the enemy and turret damage.

KurtTzy then leveled his game and put Omega in lead of the series 2-1, thanks to his Khaleed's 5/2/8 performance, contributing to 13 of 16 Omega kills, while Blacklist scored only ten.

It was a snowball fight for Omega as they outperformed their opponents in taking every objective, including all 15 purple buffs, thus negating Full Clip's influence on the map.

Full Clip and the rest of the Tier One-backed side responded with a 17-4 beating of Omega, while taking all turtles and two sanctuary lords despite having equal number of buffs, as well as letting only two towers fall.

The Blacklist carry scored 11 kills with five assists using his signature Lancelot, while the rest of the team took care of KurtTzy and Heath, who were responsible for eight of 17 deaths.

With the two sides taking two games each, Omega responded with a long rubber match, which last for 27 minutes and saw four sanctuary lords come and go.

However, it was Omega's series for the taking as they took most of the buffs, 30 to 11, while farming all three turtles and limiting Full Clip's resources.

It was Haze who then stepped up for Omega with his Valir doing most of the damage, contributing to 13 of 16 total kills for Omega while only falling two times.

Omega will then battle E2MAX and the rest of Execration in the semifinals on Saturday in a best-of-five series, with the winner going straight into the season finale.

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