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ONIC PH sweeps Omega, secures 7th MPL-PH S6 win

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC PH bounces back in style as they trounced Omega PH in Week 7 of MPL-PH Season 6 on Saturday.

OhMyV33nus and company have secured their seventh win of the season as they swept their opponents and inched closer to a possible top two.

The men in yellow engaged in a clash of heads in the first game with the boys in green, with the latter getting the advantage up to the mid game.

KurtTzy and Hadjizy anchored the offense for Omega as they punished ONIC in clashes.

However, all of Omega's turrets fell down as Wise and Iy4knu led the offense for ONIC, pushing Omega to defend than forward and zoning them out in the mid lane in the 15th minute.

Wise's Yi Sun-shin delivered an MVP-worthy 4/2/8 KDA as Omega take the first game 15-13.

It was a different narrative but the same outcome for ONIC as they came stronger in the second game and limiting Heath's offense.

Iy4knu delivered a strong performance for ONIC PH, taking most of the turret damage while they limited Omega's main star Hadjizy with just two kills and three assists and stealing their objectives.

ONIC's hyper-aggressive gameplay worked  in their favor as they only need 15 minutes to end the series 13-5 with Iy4knu's 7/0/4 MVP form leading the team.

Omega and ONIC now sit at both 7-4, but Omega still leads the latter as they won more games in sweep with six.

ONIC will meet Cignal Ultra at October 10 to extend their streak while Omega will look for a win against a struggling BSB side.

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