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ONIC sends message with W over rivals Aura, seals playoff rematch

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - ONIC PH did not just defeated their demons. They ended a curse.

OhMyV33nus and the rest of ONIC PH make a statement to the entire MPL-PH playoff bracket as they sweep defending champions Aura PH to end the regular season of MPL-PH Season 6.

ONIC's victory snapped a slew of losing streaks against their former tormentors, who won all their series since both teams enter last Season 4, including two best-of-five Finals Series in Seasons 4 and 5.

Aura PH found themselves in early trouble as they were forced to use Roger as a carry while ONIC relied more comfortably on their heroes backed by a familiar OhMyV33nus-Pharsa connection.

The two-time champs led the way in kills up to the end of mid game but ONIC get most of the objectives, getting their needed items in time to secure crucial kills in the late game, never letting Jaypee to dominate the game.

ONIC took the first game 12-10 with a charging lord in support while forcing three remaining Aura players to defend to no avail.

The second game spells doom for Aura PH, as ONIC continued their onslaught in the second game, targeting Killuash and Greed while letting Wise get his items.

With the lead mounting up to ten kills in favor of ONIC, Aura shifted Greed to split push to the side lanes while Jaypee, Kielvj, and Rafflesia were left on the base to defend.

Aura successfully defended their base several times times but with their Greed-Natalya strategy being noticed, ONIC retooled and waited up to the 15th minute.

With Jaypee and Rafflesia gone, and their top lane turrets arriving, the ONIC quintet dived and went for the GG push with only Kielvj and Killuash in defense, ending the game 18-6.

ONIC PH, now 9-4 and with 24 points, booked themselves in a best-of-5 playoff rematch with the same opponents Aura PH in the first round, who slipped with a 10-3 record and 24 points.

The ONIC win also booked a first-round playoff clash between Group A leaders Execration and Group B fourth placers Cignal Ultra.

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