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Blacklist's MPLI journey cut short by sweep from Geek Fam ID

ONE Esports

by Drew Malihan 

MANILA - Blacklist International's stint in the ONE Esports MPL Invitational is cut short as a re-rostered Geek Fam ID make quick work of the Filipino side in the third day Sunday.

Geek Fam, formed by the core of their MDL side, went to an ounslaught in the first game as they locked down OhMyV33nus and ESON to combined eight deaths without a single kill.

It was their mage Frzz who did the lifting for the Indonesians as his Kadita stuffed the stat sheet with six kills and five assists while getting almost 13 thousand gold.

Zunz's Hilda, who answered Blacklist's Popol and Kupa pick, received the beatdown but proved to be durable for Geek Fam to take the first game, 13-7.

Blacklist International seemed to get their game going in the second game draft with Yu Zhong, Yi Sun-shin, and Estes in their side to answer Helcurt, Harith, and Esmeralda.

Geek Fam ID had other ideas in mind, as BabyRuca and Frzz's tandem outplayed all five Blacklist men in every team fight, putting them in the ropes.

With only three deaths in their name, Geek Fam closed the series in only 11 minutes, with Frzz once again taking the MVP with Harith's 6/1/8 performance.

Only Wise, ESON, and Oheb registered kills with one each, with both ESON and Wise going down five times, the most for Blacklist's side.

The Indonesian side, who did not even qualify in last season's MPL-Indonesia playoffs, will try to complete another chapter of a Cinderella run as they will take MY/SG champions Todak on December 5.

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