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Kairi's masterclass propels ONIC PH vs. Indo counterpart

ONIC Philippines

 MANILA - It was a civil war to say the least, but the younger side is the last team standing.

ONIC Philippines proves that they are the team to watch as they topple their mother team ONIC Esports of Indonesia in Day 1 of ONE Esports MPL Invitational on Friday.

Kairi, who was then known as Full Clip, and Hate came up strong in Games 2 and 3 against Sanz and the rest of the Indonesian squad, who was a household name in MPL-Indonesia scene.

It was actually the Indonesians who gained the upper hand in the first game as they grabbed more objectives despite having equal number of kills at 19.

Sanz's Ling gave the Filipino contingent headaches as he registered 10 kills and four assists with only two deaths.

Kairi came up strong in the second game as he took control of the Ling this time and force a rubber match for ONIC PH, 17 kills to 16.

It was a long 24 minutes in the third game, with Kairi and Hate teaming up with Lancelot and Kadita combo along with Dlar's Yu Zhong, countering a triple core combo of Sanz's Hayabusa, Drian's Gusion, and Sasa's Brody.

ONIC Indonesia grabbed the upper hand and even took the first three lords of the game but failed to close the match as their Filipino counterparts defended their base each time.

The triple core combo's low HP bar proved to be fatal as the entire ONIC PH rammed them in the lord's pit courtesy of Kairi, Hate, and Dlar, while Iy4knu and Jay pushing the mid lane.

Kairi took the MVP mod with five kills and seven assists without registering a single death count.

ONIC PH will either meet Indonesian side Aura Fire or set up a fourth chapter in their rivalry against Aura PH on Saturday.

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