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Late-game PH comeback 'blacklists' Resurgence in MPLI

Blacklist International

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist is in the area with a twist.

Fielding a revamped lineup from their MPL-PH Season 6 run, Blacklist International make their presence felt as they break Resurgence's code in the second day of ONE Esports MPL Invitational on Saturday.

Blacklist found a hard time countering every Resurgence offensive as they found themselves on the wrong end of the fight, with the Singaporeans keeping themselves two steps ahead from the get-go.

Ly4ly4ly4's Brody made wonders for the MY-SG representatives as he contributed to nine of 11 total kills to just Blacklist International's six.

It was the V33Wise tandem who stepped up for the Filipino contingents in the second game as Wise provided the attacks while OhMyV33nus settled in his usual support role.

Wise's seven kills and seven assists proved to be fatal for Resurgence as Blacklist forced a game three with 15 kills to just two.

Blacklist still found a hard time keeping up with the Eudora-Brody tandem as ly4ly4ly4 and Fenrir teamed up for the deadly combo to counter the double mage setup of Harith and Lunox from Wise and Edward.

Without a pure tank to counter Fossa's Atlas, Resurgence found themselves almost winning and even toppling one of Blacklist's inhibitor turrets.

However, Resurgence's final resurge comes at a cost as they poured their ultimate only to slay ESON's Jawhead while being punished by Edward, Wise, and Oheb, leading to a wipeout en route to a Blacklist comeback.

Edward's Lunox did wonders with a 3/1/7 performance as they qualify to the second round on Saturday against Indonesia's Geek Fam ID.

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