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Bren Esports books MPLI finals slot with dominant Game 3 vs. Burmese Ghouls

by Drew Malihan

MPL-PH Season 6 champs Bren Esports claims the last spot in the ONE Esports MPL Invitational Grand Finals as they trip Myanmar champs Burmese Ghouls in three games on Sunday.

It was a nip-and-tuck affair for both teams in the first two games, but a KarlTzy and Ribo masterclass sealed the deal for the Filipino representatives.

Burmese Ghouls, on the other hand, gave them a run of their money in a technical Game 1, while catching Bren off-guard as they fielded a two-marksman setup of Claude and Yi Sun-shin.

While the marksmen dealt much damage to the Filipinos, it was Maybe's Hilda who had a MVP performance, contributing to 12 of 16 total Burmese Ghouls kills.

Bren responded well in the second game, limiting Burmese Ghouls options in the marksmen role by banning and KarlTzy stealing the Claude, forcing Ace to settle for an unconventional Hayabusa pick.

It was the pseudo-tank Esmeralda under Ribo's command who had a stellar performance in the second game with a 5/0/8 KDA, setting plays for his teammates and benefitting KarlTzy and Pheww in the process.

Burmese Ghouls answered back in the third game draft, fielding the feared carry combo of Claude and Roger, while Bren answered with a triple mage setup of Harith as they carry, a Lunox support, and a semi-tank Alice.

The Filipinos negated Ace's and Dee's influence in the game, who controlled Roger and Claude respectively, resulting in six deaths combined with no kills in their name and only three assists, while MayBe's Silvanna being the prime target of all Bren attacks with eight kills on him.

Ribo and KarlTzy combined for 16 of 21 total Bren kills but it was the latter who was named the MVP, as his Harith assisted more with seven, compared to Ribo's six with his Alice.

With the win, Bren Esports will face MPL-Indonesia season 6 runners up Alter Ego in the finals, who swept fellow Indonesian side Geek Fam ID in two games.

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