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Sudan Daniel's death 'a tragedy' for former coach Frankie Lim, family

Sudan Daniel was so dear to both Frankie Lim's family and the San Beda community that his death dealt them a painful blow. MPBL (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Sudan Daniel was very close to Frankie Lim and his family if the former San Beda coach is to be asked.

He even said on Monday night that the former NCAA MVP "was part of the family."

"Su spent holidays with us. He was the big kuya at home and he grew up with everyone. He was our adopted child. He was a constant figure in not just our celebrations but also regular lunches and dinners. He calls my wife mom, and was a big brother to my daughter, Miakka and my son, Melo, who was his teammate and Tyler, who he saw grow up," Lim added.

Lim, himself a former Red Lion as a player as well, also witnessed how "Superman" was a likable character inside the campus.

"Outside of the court, Su was very well loved by his teammates and the Bedan community. He was very sociable and got along with just about everyone. He is also a very good example of a student athlete," Lim further said.

That is why when news struck on Saturday that Daniel passed away after a major asthma attack, Lim could not help but be saddened by it so much.

"Sudan's passing is a tragedy for our family," he rued. "This is very devastating for us as a family and personally for me as he was like a son to me."

However, Lim sees it as an opportunity to repay him for his accomplishments and contributions.

"Su always told us, 'I got your back,' but now it's our time to have his," Lim concluded.

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