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GAB chief Mitra lauds VisMin Cup for quick verdict on spotty match

The Siquijor Mystics have been quickly expelled from the VisMin Super Cup after videos of them apparently doing point shaving activities went viral. Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas/Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup (file photo)
By Ivan Saldajeno

MANILA--Games and Amusements Board chairman Baham Mitra commended the Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup for acting hastily on the now controversial game between Siquijor and Lapu-Lapu.

Just a day after the match, which became viral for the wrong reasons after being put on hold by halftime due to fans noticing intriguingly sloppy plays from both teams, the league announced that the Mystics were slapped with expulsion while some Heroes were meted suspensions and fines.

VisMin Super Cup chief operating officer Rocky Chan said that Siquijor was handed the stiff punishment hours after their game was called off.

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"We commend the swift action of the VisMin management. We have been in close coordination with them and support their decision," Mitra said in a statement on Thursday, moments after Chan handed the verdict.

Mitra then said that his agency is taking a keener look at the barely one week old professional basketball league following this early controversy.

"We are watching them closely and issue reminders to them at all times," he further said.

Mitra added that the alleged game fixing scheme might be a ground for the people involved to have their professional sportsmen licenses revoked.

"While we respect the league rules, we will base our decision on the report from our own people on the ground and the move of VisMin but giving all parties concerned due process," he quipped. 

He then vowed, "We assure basketball fans and the public that we are on the ground and making sure the integrity of professional sports is upheld at all times."

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