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PRFU thankful to Chris Everingham as he returns to Australia

Chris Everingham (right) was among the main players for the Volcanoes during their rise to the Asian rugby scene last decade.
By Dugout Philippines

MANILA--Chris Everingham, an 11 year veteran to Volcanoes rugby will embark on a new stage of his professional career, electing to return to Australia with his wife after a successful transition to the Philippines back in 2012. 

Originally recruited out of Newcastle, New South Wales, Everingham made his debut in 2010 and amassed an impressive 17 international competitions for the national 7's program.

Chris’s connection to the Philippines and professional experience in nutrition and personal training made him the ideal choice for Philippine Rugby’s national team management staff in his post playing career, looking over the strength and conditioning program and performance preparation for all National Team Programs. 

“Chris will officially leave our shores in mid-May, and we want to thank him for all his services and time for Philippine Rugby. He has been instrumental as part of our national teams support staff, as well as a former national player. His contributions have helped shaped numerous accolades for the Volcanoes, he will surely be missed,” shared Jake Letts, CEO of Philippine Rugby. 

Everingham’s efforts helped bring the Volcanoes to back-to-back success for both the men’s and women’s programs, lifting the Unions rankings in both the 15's and 7's programs.

His expertise in fitness, and close relationship with each national player and coaching staff ensured the Volcanoes were in a strong position for each international competition.

“Philippine Rugby has been one of the sporting vehicles that showed me the world. It gave me the great hero’s journey and crafted who I am. From player, to coach, to manager, it’s been a complete journey and for this, I am grateful. I want to acknowledge those individuals in the community who planted the Philippine Rugby tree before us so we could all bear its fruit today. I also like to thank the friends and players I’ve been given the blessing to share life with - the coaches and match officials who I’ve learnt so much from, and support staff for being the foundation of our team. Thank you to the sponsors and media partners for your contribution in sharing our vision and, of course, thank you to the families, fans and supporters for the love and care. I hope that all the achievements the national teams have had to this day, and my impact for a legacy towards performance preparation, will be the launchpad for an even greater Philippine Rugby organization” shared Everingham.

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