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Blacklist decodes Nexplay Evos to take second win

Blacklist International. Photo from MPL Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist International's codebreaking continues as they nip Nexplay Evos in two games to one to secure their second win of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Hesa started in place of Renejay with Haze leading the charge for Nexplay Evos while Blacklist fielded the same starting five from their first series.

Nexplay started on high in the early game thanks to Hesa's Benedetta showing a strong early presence with a first blood on Wise and letting YellyHaze take map control.

Blacklist however came into the area in the midgame with  crucial kills and a lord take in the ninth minute as they outbox Nexplay thanks to Edward's Barats and Oheb's Alice.

Oheb found Hesa in the top lane bush, forcing the Benedetta user to retreat but to no avail as Blacklist trapped them using the familiar ultimate bonding experience strategy.

Hadji led the charge with his tank-build Martis with a 4/0/6 KDA and Edward's Barats with a 4/1/6 KDA with 114 thousand damage taken.

It was a different story for Blacklist in the second game, fielding a jungler X.Borg in Wise's hands while Nexplay brought a two-assassin combo in H2WO's Hayabusa and YellyHaze's Saber.

Nexplay found it difficult in the second game as Wise and Hadji's gambles in the midlane while Edward went into the lane game.

However, a failed lord take at the hands of H2WO gave hopes for NXPE and leveled the game, however Blacklist did not made it easy with a three-for-three trade at the bottom lane.

A clash near the midlane spelled doom for the defending champions as Oheb and Hadji fell within seconds and it was all Nexplay Evos as they tied the series 30 seconds after four players of Blacklist found their demise.

Hesa's Alice led the charge with a 4/2/6 KDA while H2WO's Hayabusa registered two kills and three assists.

Blacklist began the rubber game on their advantage with Hadji on the saber getting four kills in the early game, and NXPE forced to play defense mode.

However, Nexplay bounced back with several pickoffs off Wise's Natan thanks to Yawi's Atlas getting the Fatal Links in place despite the winter truncheon.

Edward's Phoveus however make crucial plays after another, forcing Nexplay to retreat at the expense of Hesa and YellyHaze, but was shut down by Yawi and Jeymz near the NXPE base.

Blacklist attempted to end the match with a potential team fight in the 17th minute but did not advance as the luminous lord went down without damaging the base.

After several minutes of both teams trying to lure one another, Yawi attacked Hadji with the Fatal Links combo but Edward and Oheb's Saber led Blacklist to the final minute with their crucial pickoffs of Jeymz, Yawi, and H2WO, en route to a 2-1 series win.

Oheb led the charge with a 6/2/6 KDA while OhMyV33nus' Rafaela went for nine assists without a single death.

Blacklist, now with a 2-0 slate, will try to extend the lead as they will take Omega Esports on September 4, while NXPE will look for answers against TNC Pro Team on Sunday.

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