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Blacklist takes three points against debuting TNC Pro Team

Photo from MPL Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist International starts their title defense on a high note as they spoil TNC Pro Team's MPL debut with a clean 2-0 win on Friday.

Blacklist rendered the services of former Omega Esports' jungler Hadji to the midlane role, with OhMyV33nus taking over Eson's spot as the team's roamer.

TNC maintained the starting five of then-Work Auster Force from Season 7 of  Chuuu, Kousei, 3marTzy, Light, and P-God, the latter two known formerly as Unravel and rTzy respectively.

It was a see-saw battle from the get-go in the first game as both Blacklist and TNC engaged in a chess match-like battle, picking one and sacrificing one.

TNC gained the upper hand in the late game as they pushed Blacklist backwards, losing three in the upper right side of the map and leaving Edward and Oheb to defend the open base.

But Blacklist made a sudden comeback after Hadji and V33wise's heroes respawned, with the Aldous ultimate cancelling a potential second lord take and killing Kousei's Lunox in the process.

From there, Blacklist never looked back and take the first game, with Wise registering a 4/2/5 KDA.

The Tier One-bakced squad arrived with the same ultimate bonding experience strategy but now revealing a jungle Kimmy along with Estes, Hayabusa, Paquito, and Chou, while TNC opted for Ruby, Pharsa, Rafaela, Barats, and Roger.

Wise and company surprised TNC as they worked well with the Kimmy gamble p0wered with glowing wand, divine glaive, and ice queen wand, dominating the team fights and picking TNC heroes.

Oheb shows flashes with his Hayabusa, luring Chuuu's Roger to the latter's demise after landing on Oheb's shadow clone in front on all Blacklist members.

Blacklist needed only less than 12 minutes to close the second game and get all the points with an 11-2 outing with Wise's 3/1/7 and Oheb's 5/0/3 KDA, while Hadji's 0/1/7 of his Chou took the MVP nod.

TNC will try bounce back on Sunday while Blacklist will vie for a second win on Saturday, both going against Nexplay Evos.

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