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Echo avenges first-day loss, clips Bren 2-0

Echo Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Echo Philippines etches their first win of the season as they trip Bren Esports 2-0 on the second day of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Bren fielded the M2-winning lineup of KarlTzy, FlapTzy, Pheww, Ribo, and Lusty, while Echo replaced Aspect with Hadess while retaining Rafflesia, KurtTzy, Bennyqt, and rookie Rk3.

Echo started strong in the early parts of the game, controlling the map and getting objectives and kills, targeting sidelaners Pheww and Flaptzy and taking two towers down.

Bennyqt and Rk3 made their presence felt as their Alice and Beatrix combo paid dividends, mainly against Pheww's Ruby.

Echo took down the first lord of the game at the expense of Hadess and KurtTzy thanks to KarlTzy's Ling and Bren started to control the map by the late game.

Bren tried to gamble on the team plays with the sustain lineup but the combo of Bennyqt and Rk3 held their groud and pick crucial kills one by one, even baiting two Bren players in the lord pit.

It was the same Echo combo with Rafflesia forcing Bren ultimates that spells the endgame for the former Aura Philippines squad with a 15-7 outing with Rk3's Beatrix with 6/1/3 record and Bennyqt's 4/0/10 KDA.

Bren started the second game on a high note with Ribo getting the classic marksman role with new hero Beatrix, picking Echo heroes one by one.

KarlTzy's Hayabusa gets all Bren objectives, getting all three turtles powered up by a more sustainable Bren lineup and negating Rk3's influence.

However, with the late game clock ticking, Echo flipped the switches despite losing more towers in the mid game, with Hadess' Roger making miracle plays after miracle plays near the lord pit.

The former Cignal Ultra jungler from Season 6 continues his onslaught, leading the wipeout of the entire Bren lineup in the bottom part of the map's tight spots en route to a 2-0 win.

Hadess' 8/2/4 KDA led Echo while Rk3 and Rafflesia contributed 11 and 10 assists, respectively.

With three full points in the bag, Echo will focus on Omega on Sunday, while Bren will try to avenge their loss over newcomers RSG Philippines the same day.

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