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Echo ends MPL PH Week 1 with 2-0 win vs. Kelra-less Omega

Echo Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA -- Echo Philippines capped their Week 1 campaign with a win as they dealt a 2-0 beating of Omega Esports to end Week 1 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Both teams fielded their same lineup albeit from different scenarios, with Omega coming off a loss from ONIC PH without Kelra while Echo came from a 2-0 tripping of Bren Esports.

Omega went for a gold lane Natan along with a signature Khufra from Ch4knu while Echo went for Bennyqt Alice and a signature tank Chou from captain Rafflesia.

It was an equal exchange in the early game as Echo gets more kills while map control on is Omega's side thanks to Ch4knu and E2MAX.

However, Echo's pick against Ch4knu give them the lead, with Omega retaliating leading to a Hito's Natan kill on Rk3.

From there, it was a back-and-forth gameplay from both sides until a Hadess' lord take by his Hayabusa spelled doom as Omega fell one by one until they were wiped out and Echo takes Game 1 13-9.

Bennyqt's clutch Alice moments in the crucial late game team fight registered a KDA of 6/2/3, while Rafflesia's 1/2/9 gave him the MVP nod.

Echo went to the same Alice-Chou tandem with a midlane Beatrix while Omega went to a midlane Natan with a tough combo of Uranus and Akai.

It was Echo's map control from the early to the midgame as they went from a kill each and engaging on a full five man team fight, picking Omega players one after another.

KurtTzy's toplane presence bait three Omega heroes, but with a Bennyqt Alice pushing them back, it left Rk3 and Hadess for a contest-free lord take.

With Omega's backs on the base, they lured Echo on a full team fight, losing three heroes in the process courtesy of heroics from Bennyqt and Renzio's Uranus.

A second attempt at the base takeover costed Rafflesia and Hadess's life after a successful Omega defense, prompting a reset ans the Smart-backed side also slain the Echo lord.

However, Omega's last hurrah went to naught as Rafflesia and Hadess' led the Echo charge on the lord pit, leaving only a near-death Kielvj left to defend against three Echo players, securing the win for Rafflesia and company, 20-7.

KurtTzy led all players with a 7/0/5 KDA from his X.Borg, Hadess' Lancelot with a 7/2/3 and a 1/3/9 performance from Rafflesia.

Omega will try to bounce back on Week 2 against RSG Philippines on September 3. while Echo will deal with the same team on September 4.

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