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ONIC clips 2nd win vs. Omega sans Kelra

ONIC Philippines.
By Drew Malihan

MANILA--ONIC Philippines extended their streak to two wins as they grabbed one against Omega Esports on the second day of Week 1 of MPL-Philippines Season 8.

Omega, who fielded the former Execration squad from Season 7, played their first match of the season without last year's rookie of the year Kelra, who was suspended by the MPL management for two weeks after an off-season controversy, with Hito replacing him in the gold lane, while ONIC fielded Ryota, Markyyyy, and Micophobia along with Kairi and Baloyskie.

ONIC played the objective game early on with the bottom two towers down by the end of the fourth minute, with Omega having a hard time countering ONIC's aggressive playstyle despite getting two of three turtles in the game.

The yellow and black squad mainly engaged in a 4-against-5 team fight, leaving Markyyyy's Sun to push the lanes and forcing Hito's Esmeralda to join the team fights far away.

With nothing but the inhibitor turret left to guard the Omega base, ONIC takes the luminous lord en route to a 1-0 victory thanks to Kairi's Ling with a KDA of 5/1/1, getting picks from ONIC sets.

Omega spelled a different beginning to start the second game, going for more aggressive takes against ONIC heroes, focusing on Kairi's Harley.

However, ONIC managed to come back from the early game slump and forces team fights despite losing Balyoskie's Natalya in the process, getting more gold to the midgame.

It was a pendulum battle going both ways with ONIC winning the economy game but Omega getting the lord in the 18th minute after a team fight that costed Kairi's Harley's life.

Omega almost got the win with the minions but Ryota and Kairi get back on time to save ONIC's chance for a sweep.

But the former Execration side got two crucial kills off Natalya and Ryota's Chou, getting the third lord in the process, and Omega forcing the rubber match with a 24-19 output led by Kielvj's Ling getting 11 kills in total and a 7/3/9 output from Hito's Phoveus.

It was a back-and-forth start in the tiebreaker with Kairi's Hayabusa getting five kills in 12 minutes and Kielvj's Harley contributing four kills and an assist.

A Kairi play with the shadow clones forced Omega to gather but at the expense of three heroes going down for them as ONIC catches up in time with Ryota's Yu Zhong leading the charge and breaking the top lane.

Ryota and Markyyyy's Natan led the ONIC charge in the 20th minute to cancel Ch4knu then turned on Kielvj and Renzio, leaving Hito and E2MAX to defend but to no avail as ONIC clips their two points of the series. Markyyyy, last season's sixth man for ONIC, was named MVP of the game with a 4/0/4 output for his Natan.

Omega will try to bounce back against Echo on Sunday while Onic will attempt to extend their streak against Nexplay EVOS on September 3.

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