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RSG makes MPL-PH debut with upset of Bren

RSG Philippines

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Singapore-based organization RSG made their Philippine debut on a high note as their local counterpart RSG PH pulls the rug over M2 World Champions Bren Esports on the third day of Week 1 of MPL Philippines Season 8.

Former JNA Esports' carry Demonkite starts as RSG PH's jungler along with fellow rookie Nathzz and veterans Heath, Iy4knu, and Aqua, while Bren will still go for their M2-winning lineup.

It was a balanced early start for both teams, trading kills up to the eight minute, with Bren 's gold lead less than a thousand to RSG.

With the game hanging on balance, both Bren and RSG maintained their equilibrium up to the beginning of the late game, although RSG leads in kills 8 to 6.

However, an Aqua and Iy4knu-led charge pushes the RSG lead further, finishing all but Ribo's Selena including a shutdown on FlapTzy's Benedetta.

From there, RSG PH never looked back as Bren failed to counter the Iy4knu initiative, giving the newcomers the first game 18-9, with a 5/0/5 for the former ONIC Esports gold laner.

Bren unveiled Kaja and Uranus for the second round while RSG presented a Balmond comeback for the first time in months as a meta pick in the second round.

RSG again started strong courtesy of Iy4knu's Alice but a series of teamfights secured a Bren lead capped by a 4-0 Bren takeover in the midlane.

Although Aqua stole the lord off an attempt by Bren, the sustain game from the world champions gave RSG a hard time, as they lose two more heroes in the process.

A lord pit team fight eliminated three RSG heroes but it was Aqua's Benedetta again who got the lord after a miracle Electro Final Blow from the lower brush.

Despite their best attempts delaying the game, Ribo's Kaja with the twinblades made the last plays followed by KarlTzy's three pickoffs to give Bren the second win and a chance to save their opening campaign.

RSG PH went for the deadly combination of Benedetta and Harley while Bren revealed a Hayabusa pick backed with a surprise Nana in the midlane.

However, the surprise picks went to naught as RSG's sustain lineup powered by avarices for three heroes made plays for the newcomers, shocking the world champions in the process.

Misplays after misplays slowly spells the doom for Bren as the blue and white team continues to push back the powerhouse team back to their bases while RSG got all the main objectives.

After several attempts by the Panda-led team, RSG engaged on the final teamfight with the lord in their side, forcing all Bren ultimates to their demise and giving the newcomers their first win, with Aqua's Harley's 6/0/2 KDA and Demonkite's 1/0/6 with his Benedetta.

RSG will try to further make their mark on September 3 against Omega Esports while Bren will hunt for their first win against TNC Pro Team.

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