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Blacklist decodes 18-minute Omega plan for third straight win

Blacklist International

by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Riveting rivalry finally decoded.

Omega Esports suffered their third loss of the season in three long games as Blacklist International secured their third win of the season, 2-1, in the MPL Philippines Season 8.

The former Execration side, known for their come back games from the 18th minute, failed to capitalized in three long games as the Tier One-backed side answered back in Games 2 and 3 after a painful Game 1.

Omega has introduced back the Claude in the jungle for Kielvj along with a mid lane Harley while Blacklist revealed a jungle Sun for Wise and and the sustain duo of Alice and Paquito.

Blacklist started strong in the early game, getting three early kills in the first three minutes along with two quick turtle takes, extending their gold lead over Omega.

However, Omega placed early in the third turtle take costing Oheb's Alice and Wise's Sun along with the outer middle turret, although Blacklist secured the turtle.

Omega's heroes keep dispensing Blacklist in their lanes, keeping them from teaming up together for the famous ultimate bonding experience strategy, en route to a first lord take for the Smart-backed side.

Blacklist showed signs of life as Renzio's Barats was taken down in a midlane from a Oheb-OhMyV33nus connection, and another clash in the Omega side of the midlane costed Kielvj's Claude and Ch4knu's Popol and Kupa. Another Oheb takeover spelled doom for Ch4knu and E2MAX's Harley, putting the lead back to Blacklist.

Omega bounced back and the combination of their ultimates finally took down Oheb despite using the Winter Truncheon, but Blacklist heroes respawned back in time to defend the inhibitor turrets.

A failed lord steal attempt without Ch4knu costed E2MAX as well as Blacklist secured the lord highlighted with a failed deadly magic from E2MAX to Hadji.

But a failed tower lock with the elite defense from Omega spelled doom for Blacklist with the Raizen's X.Borg last Insanity and Renzio's Detonas Welcome wiped out all but OhMyV33nus, who cannot defend the base against three Omega players en route to a 1-0 Omega win.

Omega went to a more sustain lineup with a signature Ch4knu Khufra and Kielvj with the Roger, with Blacklist drafting a Benedetta in the XP lane along with a gold lane Beatrix and a core Yi Sun-shin.

Blacklist started strong once more, dealing a hard time for Omega's defenses with all three turtles going to OhMyV33nus and company.

With Omega unable to contest, Blacklist International quickly took the lord and took the remaining inner turrets, and with the lord in the play, Oheb's Beatrix and Edward's Benedetta topple all three Omega inhibitors.

Blacklist take the luminous lord in the 14th minute then went to a team fight inside the Omega's base to force a third game for the defending champions.

Omega picked up Phoveus and a jungle Benedetta as all Kielvj heroes were denied while Blacklist picked a signature Paquito and a jungle X.Borg and a surprise Diggie pick for OhMyv33nus.

Blacklist controlled the early game as they get more objectives in the first five minutes despite OhMyV33nus's Diggie going down twice, as they get two early turtle takes.

The third lord take however became costly as OhMyV33nus and  Hadji's Kagura were taken down by Kielvj's Benedetta. Omega capitalized on Blacklist's misplays as they took down Edward's Paquito and OhMyV33nusm forcing Blacklist to retreat.

But a challenge by Blacklist paid dividends as they took down Renzio's Phoveus and Kielvj en route to an uncontested lord take in the 11th minute.

However, a backdoor play from Omega splits Blacklist in the river, taking down Hadji and Wise's X.Borg, resulting in an easy luminous lord take.

Blacklist, despite being down in the economy game, was able to defend as Edward took down Renzio, E2MAX, and Kielvj to push back Ch4knu's Popol and Kupa and Raizen's Kaja back.

Hadji made a clutch Yin-yang overturn near the Omega base to topple down Raizen, and a Beatrix ultimate started the end for Omega, as Blacklist then took down Kielvj and E2MAX next until there was no one left to stop Blacklist to get the 2-1 victory.

Omega will try to make up for the loss as they will go against a familiar foe in Nexplay Evos while Blacklist will attempt to extend their winning streak as they will go against Echo, both on Sunday.

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