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Blacklist Int'l secures playoff spot with 2-0 win over RSG PH

Blacklist International

 by Drew Malihan

MANILA - Blacklist International solidified their status as the team to beat as they swept RSG Philippines in two games to end their Week 5 campaign on MPL Philippines Season 8.

With their playoff spot secured after TNC lost to Echo earlier, Blacklist held tighter on the top spot as they get their sixth 2-0 game with four games to spare and dealing RSG the fourth sweep loss.

Both teams fielded their best five, both coming off wins with RSG PH with a 2-1 over Echo and Blacklist with a sweep against TNC Pro Team.

Blacklist went still to a switch between OhMyV33nus and Hadji with V33nus getting a roamer Rafaela and an Yve from Hadji to go with Alice, Balmond, and Yi Sun-shin, while RSG went with a Benedetta core and Heath with the Angela to go with Pharsa, Natan, and Uranus.

RSG went to a hot start with all heroes securing significant pickups against a late-game Blacklist lineup using their early game sustain and aggression, mainly targeting OhMyV33nus.

Blacklist, on yet another unfamiliar territory, were left with limited map control as RSG puts Wise on uncomfortable objective and Demonkite getting steals.

However, a Nathz take down leaves an opening to Blacklist as RSG scrambles in the lord pit, prompting Blacklist to take the lord without much challenge.

With the lord on Blacklist's side, they separated from their UBE time and went to a 1-3-1 split push, forcing RSG to defend but to no avail as Oheb and Edward's damages were enough to burst RSG heroes down to a 1-0 win

RSG went to a Iy4knu Karrie and Nathz Gloo along with Demonkite, Angela and  Yve while Wise went with his signature Aldous to team with Barats, Kadita, Rafaela, and a gold lane Kimmy.

With both sustain and damage in their side, Blacklist went to a better start over RSG with three turtles in their side, with Edward sustaining most of the damage from RSG.

But with Oheb avoiding damages as possible while getting all the needed farm, made wonders with the Kimmy, with the Edward's Barats last hit on Nathz's Gloo, gave Blacklist the opening to go for the kill and the lord.

With the lord and Nathz down, Wise and OhMyV33nus went to a Chase Fade and Holy Baptism combo to take down Iy4knu and Demonkite, leaving Aqua to defend but to no avail as Oheb's damage is enough to call for a GG push.

With the Kimmy on his command, Oheb registered 6/1/2 and Wise's 4/4/6 to carry Blacklist to their tenth win and securing further their playoffs spot with 26 points.

Blacklist will try to go 11-0 with an October 2 matchup against Nexplay EVOS while RSG PH will figure out in a match against TNC Pro Team on October 1.

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